Really. You can’t help yourself. You go to a concert, bound and determined to have self control. You spend the entire day preparing yourself for what you are about to see and hear. You breathe deep breaths. You brace yourself. You do think about maybe skipping this concert … after all, “that” instrument isn’t in every single concert and maybe you should just stay away.

But noooo. You give in. You say, “This will be the last time. I promise!” And you go. You still think you have enough will power to avoid any temptation.

But then it happens. The sound! The incredible sex appeal! You don’t even have to hear the instrument to fall in love, as it’s love at first site.

C’mon. You know it’s true! 😉

Sex & Contrabassoon: Ah yes, contrabassoon as chick magnet!


  1. Where on Earth did you see this?? That is so funny! (I mean…true!)

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    A friend (a bassoonist of course!) just emailed me the picture.

    Recently I HAVE been seeing musical instruments in clothing catalogues. They seem to think that there is something romantic or sexy about instruments. The ones that are really hysterical are those that put the model and the instrument outside in a lovely field of flowers. Yep. That’s where we like to play the most, eh?!

  3. Oh, contras are soooooo romantic!

    Until someone plays them, that is…