While there are successful classical music stations in places like San Francisco, which seems to be swarming with them, they can be a hard sell.

Hmmm. Is San Francisco swarming with classical music stations? Do they just not reach San Jose? Very curious that this article suggests SF has a lot of stations. I know of only one.

Fill me in, folks!

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  1. I only know of one, as well (I’m told there’s one in Santa Cruz as well, but I don’t think that counts as the Bay Area – and I don’t think it reaches very far over the hill).

    In fact a recent Merc article about KDFC’s change in ownership said that there are only 30 classical music stations in the country.   That seemed shockingly low to me, but I can’t find any way to prove or disprove it.  I did find this list of classical radio stations online, but it says right at the top that a lot of them are NPR affiliates, so they’re not full time classical music.  And the only Bay Area representation on that list is KDFC.