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… but sooner or later, they are bound to come back to classical origins of music, and shall be lured to taking up formal music classes.

So some folks are shaking their heads after reading that, saying I’m an old lady who just doesn’t know what’s up today. Others (probably closer to my age) are maybe nodding their heads and saying, “Yes!”


“Classical music is the basic grammar that teaches artistes to be more disciplined in music; it’s extremely important,”

“Disciplined learners can do better and create better; so music education has become an allure to even pop artistes.”


An uninitiated person, who has never taken any music education, could create good music. But he won’t be able to bring his creation into a universally understood system and document, nor can be make it replicable by others. Then, sustainability will be just evasive to him.

So what do I think? Well, I’m funnin’ with you all. Because the article from which I cut this begins with this:

Today, more Nepali artistes seem to have yearned for pop and Western music,

“Classical music” isn’t always about Western Classical music.

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