17. February 2007 · Comments Off on Fame · Categories: imported, Ramble

Matt Heller, of hella frisch fame, is now in the New York Times.

I have to read the article before commenting, but I thought I’d at least get this information out. I know at least Jason Heath will be interested, as he’s commented on Matt’s site before.

The article is about the New World Symphony Orchestra, and auditions, and more. It includes a San Josean as well:

For Elizabeth Jaffe, a 29-year-old violist from San Jose, Calif., the stakes were even higher. She decided that if she didn’t have a musical career by 30, she would move on, as inconceivable as that prospect was.

I groan when I see people setting the age deadline, but I do understand.

Of course I also groan when I look at a 50 year old staring at me in a mirror. 😉

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