Jill wasn’t happy with a performance. I read her post prior to going to mine.

I wasn’t happy with my performance.



  1. I’m sorry! Lesson #1…negativity IS contagious…so don’t read ANY blogs before going to perform.

    I feel bad!!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Oh … don’t feel bad! It’s not worth it!

    I doubt that the audience even heard my little glitches, actually; you know how audiences can be! But of course we don’t really think about them … it’s our colleagues and our pride, eh?

    But the first little glitch was a very odd one. There’s this lovely little section (when Violetta is with Germont) … she begins singing and it’s very simple and the oboe comes in on a pianissimo (middle line) B-flat going to an A and back to B-flat. Easy, aside from the entrance being so exposed. I shouldn’t have a problem with THAT! But something really weird happened to the A and it went up an octave! So odd … but stuff happens!

    The second was the final note of the “big” (which isn’t very big) solo near the very end of the opera. We had our assistant conductor for the first time, and I was concerned that he’d take it too slow since he took the clarinet solo horrendously slowly (without warning, mind you!) … so I was prepping for slow.

    I’m sure you can guess; it was fast! So I was so caught by surprise my last note just kind of glitched. Again, I doubt anyone would have heard it out in the audience, but it ticked me off!

    Ah well. Live music. 🙂