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The kitten on keys may have had rhythm, but Mr. Shatner seems to be missing it.

Say you turn around and run, doesn’t it speed up? It doesn’t matter. And then the horrible truth came to me. All these guys are [can’t understand this word … anyone want to help me?]. It doesn’t matter. All they do is this and the orchestra takes over.

-William Shatner (Heard and seen here. I’m assuming he’s talking about conductors and how much they matter ..?)

I thought William Shatner started his music career later, but I’ve now run across Rocket Man and that was done quite a while ago. Now I do believe Shatner knows what he’s doing these days with his over the top stuff, but I wonder … this was in 1978. Was Shatner going at this with the self-mockery he does things today, or is he serious?!

Please tell me there’s a wink in there somewhere!

Ah well. It doesn’t matter. 😉

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