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I should be getting out my oboe. Now.

But …

Jameson is watching Triplets of Belleville. And well, yes, that means I am too. I had forgotten about the great music in it. I hadn’t forgotten about the great animation and colors and of course story.

What is it with French film? Things I notice: Creativity. Good music. Color … always interesting colors. Cleverness without being aggravating. (When I see clever American films they often cry out to me, “Look! We be clever!”) Triplets reminds me a bit of City of Lost Children. Is that a goofy comparison? I’m guessing so. I’m guessing comparing an animated film to one that is not is a bad thing to do. But I like to do the wrong thing.

Okay. Not really.

Anyway, as I watch Triplets I’m also watching the live video of the Amgen Tour of California. They keep saying “Leaky gas is helping the peloton close in on the breakaway…”. Which makes me laugh. (I know, it doesn’t take much to make me laugh!)

Okay, they are really saying “Liquigas”. But still ….

I’d never heard of Stringfever before, but I’m glad I’ve heard about them now! Go here and check out the videos! I just watched Bolero. Amazing. These four musicians all play one instrument for that particular work. You have to see it to believe it.

If you watch their History of Music you can play “name that tune” (or composer). I think these folks could use an oboist though, dont’cha think?

And that’s what I’ve been doing.

So while the oboe still is in its case, at least I’ve had some fun.

And dinner is already made. So that’s good. Yes?

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