27. February 2007 · Comments Off on Trying to Catch Up · Categories: imported, Ramble

I have a lot of updating to do at this site. Today I worked on the audition pages. All of the current auditions were out of date, and I needed to transfer all the out of date repertoire lists to the Past Auditions page. Done!

That took a long time, and my hands are aching horribly after all that work. Some days are worse than others when it comes to hand woes. I have English horn coming up, and I need to be a bit cautious about how much I wear out these old hands ‘o mine.

I also haven’t updated my CD Library for eons. So that’s next on the list. With so many emusic downloads, I have a ton of recordings to add. I’ve also downloaded a few iTunes CDs as well. So much work, but time to play catch up, I think. I hope!

And still, my performance pages are out of date, too.

Argh. I’m far too behind.

27. February 2007 · Comments Off on Coffeetopia, but no Coffee · Categories: imported, Ramble

For the first time since probably May or June of 2006 I’m at Coffeetopia, here in Santa Cruz. I didn’t manage to get breakfast at home before leaving for school, so I decided I’d better pick up a bite to eat. But no coffee today; it’s Early Grey for me. I’m just in the mood.

The shock of all shocks is that Coffeetopia is playing classical music. Not that I care about it—you can barely hear anything over the coffeemaking and chatter. But anyway, it’s different than what they used to play. We are hearing the Overture to Rienzi and it’s been eons since I’ve heard that piece. I think the last time I played it was probably when I was in high school (so it was transcribed for band).

Meanwhile, there’s a very sweet little three-month old baby next to me. Cute as can be. You can read a bit more about my experience here, including things about this baby and mommy, if you go to the pattyo. I don’t like to “double blog”. Seems kind of like cheating.