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I’ve just watched a few of the Schubert “Trout” Quintet documentaries over at You Tube and I have to tell you it’s loads of fun. (I began this bit of entertainment after reading about a video at Musical Assumptions.) Of course you are hearing simple “nobodies” … Itzhak Perlman, Daniel Barenboim, Jacqueline Du Pré, Zubin Mehta and Pinchas Zukerman … but I’m sure you can deal with that, eh? This was done when they were all in the twenties, so it was a bit of time ago. For your viewing pleasure I’m listing all the links. I’m nice that way!

  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 1
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 2
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 3
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 4
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 5
  • Franz Schubert ”The Trout’ Quintet (documentary) 6
  • I do wonder if these will stay up … is it legal to have them there? (I know Opera San Jose clips were pulled rather quickly when they were located; I have mixed feelings … as long as the quality is fine, how can a bit of publicity—worldwide, mind you!—do much damage? Then again, if something is still for sale, it’s a bit like stealing, yes?)

    Anyway, enjoy.

    There’s also a very funny video where Du Pré and Perlman switch instruments.

    You’ll also notice, I’m sure, other links to the side of the videos that might interest you; two movements of the Schubert, for one thing.

    (Note to Mozart musicians—having seen a couple of Mozart links while doing this browsing—Mozart is not a romantic composer! I really struggle with those who play Mozart with that time-stretching, overly romantic sort of interpretation. Of course maybe that’s just my problem!)

    Watching the “Trout” group … doesn’t it just make you smile and love music and wish you could play chamber music RIGHT NOW?

    Okay, maybe the videos only do that to me, and maybe it’s because I play chamber music so seldom. I really wish I could find a group of musicians who had the time and inclination do so such things. We are a busy sort. We are a poor sort. So we rarely get free time to just have fun.

    What a shame, eh?

    “I think the classical-music community are coming out of curiosity, because they love Dowland, and they want to see what this pop singer does with it,” Sting said of his tours, which also bring “people who have probably never heard 16th-century songs before.

    Quote included here.

    Some, I think also go because they want to mock the guy. I mean … we classical music folk do get a bit haughty sometimes. Just an eensy bit. Really. And only because we are better than anyone else.


    I’m guessing some classical sorts go, as well, because they like Sting.

    Yes, some classical musicians like other kinds of music. Geesh. Is that so difficult to imagine?

    But anyway, if anyone wants to see Sting doing Dowland, PBS will broadcasting Sting’s Songs from the Labyrinth on Monday. Here it’s on channel 9 at 10:00 PM.

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    Thanks to this post by Night after Night I watched this video. What a solution to small hands, eh?!

    Following that bit of humor, I wound up watching the Clarion Woodwind Quintet. In case you’re interested.

    So much time to waste when I have no Opera San Jose for the evening! 🙂

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    … for your sake, I hope not!

    But read this:

    Joel Schumacher’s new psychological thriller informs us that all sorts of monumental events are linked to the number 23, including the 9/11 attacks, Shakespeare’s birth and death and the sinking of the Titanic. With a little creative math, even your address could be involved. But there is only one equation you really need to remember. This movie is not at all good.

    There are 23 letters in that last sentence, and if that fact disturbs you, perhaps The Number 23 will stir your inner numerologist to great heights of terror. But it’s doubtful that the film’s silly premise, which grows more ludicrous with each passing development, will produce any reactions beyond derisive giggles.

    I read this review (okay, I skimmed the beginning of this review, here.

    But … are you like me? Did you have to count the letters in the final sentence of the first paragraph above. Or am I the only crazy person?

    My last sentence above has 23 letters, btw.

    Did you count to check it out?

    The sentence above has 23 letters too.

    This one only has twentyone.

    Did ya check? Because I lied. The sentence above also has 23.

    This one only has twenty.


    Betcha counted.

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    KMZT-FM (105.1), the L.A. area’s only commercially sponsored classical music station, will begin broadcasting country music on Monday and shift its classical content to an AM station.

    I read it here.

    Well lookee thar! Ain’t gonna hafta lissen to that high falutin’ stuff no more.


    (Uh-oh. Am I in trouble now? Just kidding around … I realize that country music listeners don’t talk like that. Most of the time. To be fair I suppose I should mock classical music listeners now too, eh? How to type elitist snobbish talk. Because of course we all talk that way. Right? 😉

    Anyway, good move L.A., City of Angels.

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    I’ve been sent pictures now, after replying to the email I received about Treemonisha. Perhpas these will spur you on to listen …?

    All pictures feature the Houston Grand Opera and are taken by photographer Jim Caldwell.

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    Houston Grand Opera
    Photographer: Jim Caldwell

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    Houston Grand Opera
    Photographer: Jim Caldwell

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    Houston Grand Opera
    Photographer: Jim Caldwell

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    Houston Grand Opera
    Photographer: Jim Caldwell