Well, okay … readers know a lot of things that bug me:

  • Cigarette smokers who think the world is their ashtray
  • Litterers who think that my yard is their garbage can
  • Store clerks who think I’m their best friend and tell me personal things I just don’t want to know
  • Musicians who think they shouldn’t have to pay taxes (so they don’t report income) but get totally ticked off when a politician or religous leader gets caught skimping on taxes
  • People who make assumptions about others for no good reason
  • Yeah, sometimes I just get grumpy for no good reason. And to think that today is a Really Good Day here. Sorry!

    So enough of THAT! Those are some of my pet peeves and who the heck cares besides me?

    But right now what really bugs me is that this blog thing I do has some sort of glitch and if I try to see the information of folks who have joined I may or may not be able to. I’m assuming all members find a similar problem if they try to go to their info, although I don’t know for sure.

    Now I’m guessing that many who have joined didn’t tell me what state they are from anyway, and there’s really nothing else there that tells me about you. But it just bugs me. So there.

    But anyway … if anyone who is a member wants to introduce yourself and fill me in on who you are (what you play (if you play), where you are from, how you landed here, what you love, what your pet peeves are …) that would be kind of fun. See that discuss link below? That’s how you could tell me.

    Then again, it seems that most of you (there are 250 members) like to lurk. That’s okay. I understand. Lurk away. I guess.


    1. lurking? don’t you think that’s a bit harsh? Think of it this way. More lurkers=more numbers=more advertisements=more $$$ for you! Isn’t that how this kind of stuff works?     

    2. Patricia Mitchell

      Um $$$? I’m not sure I understand. This site is free, and I don’t have any advertisers. I do make $$ if anyone orders sheet music through the link on this site. I’ve had this site up for … what? … 3 years? Something like that. I’ve made a total of $20.

      Believe me, I don’t do this for the bucks! 🙂

      But “lurking” is just a term bloggers have always used for folks who don’t ever show their faces (or their typing anyway). It honestly isn’t meant to sound harsh. I’m sorry if this came across that way. I suppose I should blog publicly about it in case someone else was insulted! Yikes!

    3. Hey Patty, I love reading your blog – makes me feel like part of the “oboe world”!

      I have a master’s in oboe (from U Akron in Ohio) but I live in eastern Washington (read: boondocks) and finding places to play is hard; finding places that pay you to play is almost laughable! But I do get occasional gigs – I play principal oboe with the Coeur d’Alene (say Cord-a-lane) Symphony (which is in Idaho), EH with Gonzaga’s University Orchestra (just played La Mer tonight!) I direct a handbell choir at a church (for actual money even) and various freelancing around Spokane. I finally have a college teaching job (sort of, when there are any oboe students, none currently) at North Idaho College, and I have a small studio in CDA (that’s Coeur d’Alene to the locals). I am really excited right now because I am playing the Mozart with the chamber orchestra next month – this is my first concerto with an orchestra.

      I am married to an engineer and we have a 5 year old boy…it is great that I get to stay home with him and practice while he watches Pirates of the Caribbean. I take him to quintet rehearsals and the concert band my husband and I both play in. Right now I can’t think of any pet peeves because I’m all “glowing” from the concert – will let you know if I think of anything.

      Keep writing, it is one of the fun things I look forward to each day when I look at your blog!

      Jill Cathey

    4. Patricia Mitchell

      Thanks, Jill! So nice to read your intro!

      I have a brother-in-law and family living in Spokane. My bro-in-law also went to Gonzaga (fairly recently to get his MBA) and I think ended up teaching a bit there.

      While I’ve been working as a musician for nearly forever, I, too, was able to stay home a lot with my kiddos. My daughter said she always felt as if I was a stay-at-home mom even while I had lots of rehearsals in the evening, and she said she always liked that. (We have two boys as well.)

      Anyway, great to hear from you, and happy oboing!