Thanks to Emerson, Lake and Palmer, I was becoming increasingly interested in classical music.

Maybe someone can explain this to me. (I read this sentence here.)


  1. Also, ELP recorded Moussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” in 1972. I suspect it was the first “serious” classical music most kids at that time had ever seriously listened to…

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Ah … thanks! I guess I’m really letting folks know how ignorant I am, eh? (I do think it might have been helpful for the writer at the site to explain for us dumb ones, but oh well!)

    My “pop” music when I was in high school and college consisted of Cat Stevens, Moody Blues, and, later, Joan Armatrading. I did add a bit later on, but I have to confess I never bought a lot, although I did listen to the radio. So I recognize the tunes while I haven’t a clue, much of the time, who sang what.

    Looking at iTunes, I finally found something I recognize (I think!) … “Still you turn me on” … although it doesn’t sound quite like I remember so perhaps I’m mixing it up with something else. Hmmm. And I though “I believe in Father Christmas” was first done by the (newer) Swingle Singers.

    Learn something new ….

    Thanks for assisting me. What an ignorant oboist I am! 🙂

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    I somehow missed out on nearly everything they ever did.

    At least I recognized their names! 🙂