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Naturally 7 sings a Phil Collins song in the Paris Metro.

No, I don’t know this group. But they don’t appear terribly frustrated and seem somewhat attentive to their audience.

Or something.

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I just received an email about some singers. Here’s a bit of the blurb, minues any names:

Despite divergent backgrounds and different methods of rebellion against the classical singing they both adored, that [deleted] and [deleted] met and ended up releasing [deleted], their debut for [deleted] Records, makes a sort of sense as gorgeous as the haunting and affecting recording itself.

Hmmm. Am I supposed to be enticed by the fact that they rebelled againt the “classical singing they adored”?

It goes on to say that the “collection is the work of two singers frustrated by musical limits and generously attentive to their current and potential audiences.”

Aw. They’ve been “frustrated by musical limits”? Poor dears. I’m so glad, though, that they are an attentive pair. Whew.

The rest of us are never frustrated, and of course we couldn’t care less about our current or potential audiences. What a unique pair they are. 😉

Call me stupid. The whole thing didn’t do it for me. I think I was supposed to put some info at my site. I’m not naming names. Since I’m being so darn negative. Maybe I’m just tired, and tomorrow I’ll start raving.

In one way or another.

It could happen.

I guess I’ll probably check out their work sometime, but for some reason “Il Divo” comes to mind awfully quickly. And that doesn’t make me exactly brimming with curiosity or anticipation.

Now, if you have read, say, Mr. Krehbiel’s “How to Listen to Music” (which can be got at any bookseller’s for less than the price of a stall at the Alhambra, and which contains photographs of all the orchestral instruments and plans of the arrangement of orchestras) you would next go to a promenade concert with an astonishing intensification of interest in it. Instead of a confused mass, the orchestra would appear to you as what it is–a marvellously balanced organism whose various groups of members each have a different and an indispensable function. You would spy out the instruments, and listen for their respective sounds. You would know the gulf that separates a French horn from an English horn, and you would perceive why a player of the hautboy gets higher wages than a fiddler, though the fiddle is the more difficult instrument. You would *live* at a promenade concert, whereas previously you had merely existed there in a state of beatific coma, like a baby gazing at a bright object.

-Arnold Bennett

In case I have some non-oboe type readers, “hautboy” is an oboe. I’d never heard of Arnold Bennett before, but of course the comment about our instrument just made me laugh so I had ot post this.

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Often, if I have a “glitch” during a rehearsal (something goes a little wrong) I say, “Well, it worked fine in my living room.” (Now I should really say studio but living room just has a better ring to this ear.)

Reading about a theatre production where some of the actors weren’t actually there makes me think.

Maybe I could play from home?! Think of it; the stress would disappear. I’d sound great, since I always sound great in my living room. (Tee hee.) And I could even perform with bare feet, yes? Plus, I could stand up and wander around if I didn’t have anything to play for a while.

Just an idea.