19. March 2007 · Comments Off on Too Little Too Late · Categories: imported, Ramble

I’m behind … again. I need to update the page on double reed camps, festivals, workshops and more. But I did just put a few new things on those pages so check ’em out of you are interested. I am realizing a few things about those pages: 1) I can never keep up! (Duh) 2) These are all organized very poorly and I should reorganize. 3) Once again a lot of deadlines have already passed so if you are interested in these places you had better check to see if there are still openings.

Such is life.

Of course I can’t keep up with any of my other pages either. I’m certain the Double Reed Musicians pages are in dire need of help. Do email me if you have any updates, please!

At least I’ve managed to get the current auditons page fairly up to date, although I need to take the Buffalo and Fort Collins auditions off of the list. (Anyone know who won Buffalo?)

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