Here are two blogs I just now found that have black backgrounds and white letters.

I think I might like the blogs, but I can’t read them because my darn eyes go all wacky after reading white on black.


I know I’ve read other blogs where the writer says he/she finds it easier to read white on black … so I wonder why it’s difficult for me to deal with this. Anyone else have this problem?


  1. White text on a black background reminds me of ugly late-90s sites with animated GIFs and centered text.  I always kind of dislike a colored background, and black is the worst for me.  I usually quit reading a site with that color scheme, even if the content is good.  Funny, I never see black backgrounds of Boing Boing, Techmeme, Digg, or any other popular blog/web 2.0 sites…. folks like white backgrounds, I think.

  2. I can read it without too much difficulty, but I find when I switch back to something with a white background, my eyes hurt and it takes a while for them to adjust.  Since most everything has a white background, I find myself avoiding the black background except for short items.

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m with you, Jason. There are some GOOD blogs with the black background, too. One blogger actually managed to change his site when I commented on this; you can choose to lighten or darken the background. It was great!

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    You’re right, Mike, it’s when I move on to the next page that I go crazy. My eyes go crazy and I do get a headache. Ah well.