27. March 2007 · Comments Off on Music & Tears · Categories: imported, Ramble

My headache did finally leave, I have a new “do” (as in haircut) … well … it looks the same, I suppose. But it’s lighter (as in thinned out a bit … have a lot of hair) and I think it means I’ve lost weight. Or something.

But anyway, I’m home now, and it’s off to bed. I hope to sleep. Last night I woke up nearly every hour. Until it was time to wake up in the morning. Insomnia is not a pleasant thing. (But is it called insomnia when you fall asleep but wake up each hour?)

Lack of sleep makes me grumpy. Just so you know.

But the music … well … I actually was so moved at the beginning when the chorus was singing a cappella, that I began to cry. Was it my lack of sleep? The beauty of the music? The fact that I got to the rehearsal early to check out reeds and found out that the choir had taken over the stage? (Do choral directors not realize we have to warm up, check out reeds … make noise, otherwise known as music?) The death of my father?

Oh. Probably all of the above.

But I ramble about things that really aren’t all that important when it comes to oboe. Go figure.

More important things to appear here soon. I promise.

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