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Terri Gross: What kept you going to high school and college, in spite of the success that you were having?

Booker T.: Well, I had not yet met my own standards, I wasn’t yet writing the music I was hearing in my mind; I had a classical background and a curiosity for all of the European greats that had written so much wonderful classical music and I needed to know how to arrange for the orchestra. I needed to know how to conduct … I just had to continue my education in order to imrpove myself as a musician.

T.G.: You know, having heard you play I never would have guessed that you were into classical music and I might not have known that you were as studious and serious sounding as you are.

BT: … I spent many hours listening to the old masters: everything from Bach, to Stravinsky, to Chopin; learning that music and learning how it was put together — and studying.

T.G.: You played a lot of different instruments when you were young … you played ukelele, oboe, saxophone, trombone, piano, organ, clarinet. Did having a working knowledge with all those instruments help you as a musician ….

BT: Yeah, I think it did … starting with oboe, which is a C instrument. I played that when I was in fourth grade because I was too young to play in the band and they wouldn’t let me in but no one else would play the oboe so I took that up and that’s how I got in the band in fourth grade ….

Heard here (Thanks, Pam, for telling me about this!) So oboe … Booker T. and oboe. Who’da thunk it?! 🙂 And he mentioned Silbelius. Cool.

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