I was sent two (free!) reeds from Back Bay Reeds. Thank you so much, Meredeth Rouse! They are quite good. One was a student reed, using the fake cork staple, and the other a professional, using a cork staple. Both played well when I received them. Both were “concert ready” to be honest.

Now this, of course, doesn’t mean every reed she would send would be like these two (perhaps I should order more, just to check that out, and pay for what I get, yes?) but I’ve decided that if anyone sends me reeds that I like I will blog that news. I won’t mention any reeds I can’t stand; I don’t like to post that sort of information publicly. It just seems unkind.

You can see the entire list of oboe reed suppliers I have put together. Have anyone to add? Just say the word!

And, as I said, “If you send them, I will blog … maybe.”

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  1. Darlene Marshall

    with a full-time “real job” and lots of gigs, I’m one of those oboists who has to choose between playing  or making reeds.  Guess which I choose?  So I ordered some reeds from Back Bay Reeds- I’m always looking for a consistent source.  I’ll let you know how I like them.  Thanks for the heads-up– I wasn’t aware of this oboist/reedmaker.