Of course, being a musician, I myself am rarely at work (or even awake) before noon, . . .

-Stefan Katz (quote found here)

Okay folks, I have news for you: I never sleep until noon. And I never have.

My alarm clock goes off on weekdays, for the time being, at around 6:20. Except on Tuesdays, when I teach at UCSC and I have to wake earlier in order to get ready. Saturday I wake at around 7:45 because I begin teaching at 9:00. Sundays it’s a wee bit later. Granted, next year I doubt I’ll wake up as early during the week, since I won’t be taking Jameson to school, but I still won’t sleep until noon. Not gonna do it.

Then I checked out a bit more of Mr. Katz’s blog. He’s the same age as our older son, Brandon. Brandon sleeps in as much as he’s able. So maybe this is an age thing, not a music thing?

He’s also a tuba player. Maybe it’s a tuba thing? Hmmm.

So do tell … how late do my readers (and reeders) sleep in?


  1. Well, let’s see – I have a rehearsal at 9:00am most mornings, and I try to exercise before then, so I try to be up by 7. After rehearsal is whatever errands I have to run for the day, follwed by practicing, then lessons from 2 -9 most days, unless there’s a rehearsal, in which case I’ll go to that until 10. Sometimes, a post rehearsal beer is required. There we are! Repeat as necessary!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yikes … a 9:00 rehearsal! I don’t know if I’ve ever had one that early … 10:00 is probably the earliest. (Although, at my age, the memory fades!)

    You sure teach for a long period of time. Please tell me you have a break in there somewhere. I’ve decided my limit for students is NO longer than 4 hours, and even that is stretching it. But then with oboe we don’t get as many students, I suppose. I usually have two per day.

    I used to do the beer after; some of the orchestra would go out to a pizza place and enjoy one another’s company. Now? I want to go home and get to bed! 🙂

    Thanks for adding your comment!