I write about how I’m not terribly smart, and now I get somewhat hooked on this.

Pathetic. In a smiley sort of way. 😉


  1. Wow! This is a lot of fun!     

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yeah … and SO much better than cleaning house, doing yard work, making reeds ….

  3. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I was staring at the screen for a while, wondering if the horses would do anything besides blink…and also wondering what was so fascinating to you. Second click on the link, and ah, yes, I’m just not very smart.

    End result: fun!

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Hah! I love it, Jillian! You made me smile, to be sure.

    Believe me, I’ve been in the same place. Blame it on the double reed. I always do! 🙂