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It’s time I bite the bullet, buy some handmade reeds, and WRITE about them here, for all my readers. Yes, I do make reeds, but I don’t like to, and I think I’m the World’s Worst Reed Maker™ (I’ve just learned to play well on bad reeds, sad but true.) Yes, I’d play on someone else’s reeds if I could find some that worked for me! But this is primarily for all the readers/reeders who are looking for the answer to reed hell. (I’m sorry to say I actually don’t believe there IS a perfect answer, other than spending your entire lifetime making reeds, but oh well!)

This endeavor will be ongoing, and I’ll list the newest purchase at the top of the page.

Reedery.com: Ordered 3 Pro (med hard), $14.50 each, $3 shipping, April 12
Shipped April 19 (?), Received April 27
Reeds shipped in plastic tubes; the reeds are paperclipped to the tubes
#1: 68 mm long, crows a 2 octave B flat, no rails, plays A-429 (yikes!), dull tone
#2: 69 mm, crows one octave A flat, no rails, plays A-430, dull tone
#3: 69 mm, crows 2 octave very flat C, no rails, plays A-438, sound a bit more live, but not much

NOTE: Angela was distressed to hear that the reeds didn’t work at all, and is shipping out more. This is what we call good service! 🙂 Stay tuned for an update on the new reeds.

Karen Hill Peet Pro Reed (from Charles Music) Ordered 2 Pro reeds, April 12
Shipped April 12, Received April 14
Reeds shipped in hinged lid containers

Pro reed #1: $20; 73mm (!?); fake cork; Crow: C#s: very chirpy, thin and wild; very easy to play (more like a student reed?); A-443; not much of a heart left
Pro reed #2: $20; 71mm; fake cork; leaks; Crow: slightly sharp C: wild; thin sound; A-439
***I can’t help but wonder if two different reed makers made these reeds, as they look so very different

ReedMonster: Ordered 3 reeds, April 2
Shipped April 10, Received April 13
Reeds shipped in hinged lid containers
(taped shut, but still slighty ajar)
Pro Reed: $19; 68.5mm; real cork; Crow: Cs; slipped blades look as if they’ll continue slipping; wrapped slightly crooked; reed not quite playable out of container; top edge of one blade is cracked and will have to be removed; A-442
Student Reed: $14; 68.5mm; fake cork; Crow: slightly low Cs; very chirpy, plays sharp, might be workable for younger players
“Almost” Reed: $12; 72mm; fake cork; Crow: sharp C#; lots of resistance (expected for an unfinished reed, but it seems more like “just started” rather than “almost”)


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