15. April 2007 · Comments Off on A Nice Surprise … Followed By Exhaustion · Categories: imported, Ramble

Readers here know by now that I do not care all that much for reed making, and I am not to proud to try other people’s reeds. When we began our first rehearsal for Madama Butterfly I joked with the second oboist, saying, “You do know that you are to provide me with reeds, right?” I later did assure him that I was joking, but what a fabulous surprise today! The player, Peter Lemberg, brought me a reed. A reed that played very, very well. So I’ve told him if he decides he wants to sell reeds I’ll most certainly recommend them. (I did start a Reed Assessment page, too, in case you’re interested. Please keep in mind that what I like and what you like may be entirely different! I like milk chocolate, not dark chocolate. I like ketchup (a lot) and hate tomatoes. I love coconut. I don’t really like oranges. See what I mean? You might not want to trust me too much! … although … well … if you won’t send reeds you can always send chocolate. 😉

And now I’m simply exhausted. This opera is just so tiring (or I’m just so old!). But I get home and I’m wired and I can’t possibly go directly to bed. Nor can I eat, which really ticks me off! I used to come home and have a comforting bowl of Cheerios. Honest, that’s what I craved. So now I’m sitting here typing and feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself.

But I’m a musician and feeling sorry for myself is only right and proper. 😉

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