I teach at a couple of universities. And yet I’ve not said a word about the killings at Viriginia Tech. So I will post what I wrote at the pattyo:

No, I’ve not mentioned the horror of the killings at Virginia Tech. And aside from this brief post I won’t go into it at either of my sites. I simply can’t wrap my brain around it, and I can’t see that I have anything to say about it that is of use. (I will say, though, that I think the picture the news sites have put up at their sites is horrible and unnecessary and I won’t be visiting them for a time … until I can be sure it will be removed. I realize the killer is dead so while he’s getting what he wanted — I think — regarding publicity, he isn’t getting to “enjoy” it. But still. The picture with a gun pointing at the reader? Too horrifying for me.)

I’m guessing I shouldn’t watch the TV news tonight, either.

I grieve for those lost and for their families. I grieve for a nation so full of violence.

I have no more words.


  1. I’m sad too….unfortunately it’s just not a national problem (thinking of Dawson College last year in Montreal as well as other countries).  It’s terrible that one loner could have destroyed so many lives.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Yes, you’re right … it isn’t just a national problem. I think what troubled me is that my reaction wasn’t one of “How could this ever happen?” but more of a resignation. I’m not sure that that’s a normal US reaction … maybe it’s just my negativity? But I’m thinking it WOULD be one of total shock in Canada …?

    Dunno. Just thinking.