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Hello Sir/Ma, how are you doing today ,i am very interested in your lesson ,my son is coming for an holiday pension in your area ,he is 14 years old,he know a little about this lesson, so i don’t want him to be less busy in the time of the days , so i have decided to let him atend your lesson , so he will be coming 1 hours in A DAY (9 am to 10 am) or time that you will have chance ,so i want you to calculate the cost for 2 week and send me the total cost ,i will be paying you with check ,so get back to me with your cost . i will like to hear from you soon. regard Cobi

Well, okay … another scam. (This is an exact copy & paste so typos are not mine.) They sure think we are stupid.

Maybe we are?

In Other News
I’m listening right now to Jameson singing over the radio. He’s inside the station’s studio. I’m outside in my car. (Hoorah for wireless access in San José, albeit a very weak signal.) His school vocal jazz groups won a competition. (I’m distressed that the original recordings sent in were from years ago, but I guess the radio station doesn’t mind about that.) The group sounds absolutely fantastic. Amazing, to be honest. This is live … and they sound incredibly great.

Oh … they’re done … gotta run!

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