23. April 2007 · Comments Off on More Of The Story · Categories: imported, Ramble

I return to my hosts’ home for a wonderful dinner and then head downstairs to woodshed everything that I felt didn’t go as well as I would have liked today. The committee issued written comments from the first round, and I read these and go over what they have noted as needing improvement. It’s a nice surprise, to receive these comments, and it helps to focus me for the next round’s rigors.

The audition story I blogged about earlier continues. (But Mr. Noble is taking his time and I want the rest!)

I was surprised that the committee sent out comments to the auditionees after the first round, but what a nice thing to do! This allows the auditionees to fix things they need to fix, and also helps the committee see just how the follow what was suggested. Nice.

So stay tuned. I’m sure we’ll read the outcome soon!

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