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Some neighbors to the west side of our house have had music blasting both today and yesterday. But I don’t even have a clue what they are playing. All I hear—and feel—is the bass cranked up to who knows where going boom thump boom thump boom boom thump thump.

And this makes me grumpy.

Which makes me wonder: do my neighbors get grumpy when I or my oboe students are playing? Or maybe they don’t even hear us because we are so much higher than the boom booms.

Boom boom thump thump
makes me quite the grouchy grump

And now I’m off to something that will, I’m sure, make me even grumpier: REEDS.

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… not that I’m one of the “gals with big jobs” …

And yes, I realize it is totally unhip to say “gals” (but it’s also unhip to say “unhip” so oh well!), but when someone says “guys” what’s a gal to do? 😉

“All of us guys with big jobs are always looking for new pieces to play,” said Eugene Izotov, principal oboist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. “When a composer, no matter whether famous or not, sends me something, I’m very excited about it.”


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Art is a kind of illness.

-Giacomo Puccini