05. May 2007 · Comments Off on Oh Man … · Categories: imported, Ramble

Dan and I were discussing the new bike Jameson is getting for graduation/birthday/all other events for the rest of his life (well, okay, nix that last one) and just how much it’s going to cost. Good bikes aren’t cheap. Jameson wants to race. So I know it’s going to hit the pocketbook (as if anyone has a “pocketbook” any more). Hard. Dan said he thought the guy selling it to us (a friend) will try to keep it down, but it’ll still be costly. So I said … drum roll please … “I’m just a poor oboe player.”

To which, of course, Dan responded with a smile. A big smile. And some sort of witty comment. And then a “So that’s why they are tuning to the violin now?”


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