They wanted me to basically stop playing classical music. They told me, and these are the exact words, they didn’t want to see a classical composer’s name on my next CD. I just couldn’t picture myself making an album that didn’t have anything to do with the last twenty years of my life. Classical music is what I love, and I didn’t want to leave it, and I felt that Sony wanted to take me in a different direction, and I didn’t really feel like going there.

-Denise Djokic (read here)


  1. Denise and I were “laundry buddies” when we were in the dorms back at NEC. She was such a kick, and we had so much fun. Glad to see she hasn’t changed much.   

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Wow … that’s pretty cool, Cooper. Should I be embarrassed when I admit I’d not heard of her? Eek.