I happen to know the bassoonist … he’s quite good!

Timothy's Concert:

(Timothy Emerson just happens to be my brother. But even if he wasn’t my brother I’d say he’s a very top notch bassoonist. Expressive. Talented. Go listen.)


  1. Your brother plays Bassoon? That’s sooooo cool! I envy you so much.     

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    And a very fine musician he is, too!

    My parents had us all on instruments; Carolyn (older sister) on flute, Greg (first younger brother) on trombone — his choice, as my mom wanted French horn, and Timothy on bassoon. We girls also played piano and I’m so annoyed that I didn’t continue with piano after junior high. I really am horrible on it now.

    But yes, it’s so cool to have a bassoon-playing brother. It’s just not so cool that we live so far apart.