11. July 2007 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’ve been feeling a bit “buggy” since Sunday, but nothing terribly worrisome. Until today. While sitting at Kaiser waiting for my mom to have a procedure (don’t you love that word?) I knew something was up. Yes indeed, something was awry. I thought a bit of food might help (hadn’t bothered before I left home) but that didn’t change anything. When mom was done she, my sister Carolyn and I went to have a snack. That wasn’t a good choice either I guess.

So I went home. To bed. For the entire day. Until about an hour ago when finally everything decided to “revisit” my mouth… sorry to be so crass … and come back out the way I shoved the food in.

But relief!

Sometimes it just takes getting rid of all that is in my stomach and I’m praying that’s the case today, because I leave in 45 minutes for a 3 hour rehearsal in San Francisco tonight! No food will go in this body today, though, that’s for sure.

But freelance musicians don’t get sick pay. You play, they pay. You don’t, they won’t. And, more importantly, bagging a final dress rehearsal only 3 hours before the start of a rehearsal is really not cool.

So I’ve decided I’m better. I’ve decided I will be well. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.



  1. Hope you are feeling better – usually the “purge” seems to cure me too. Fortunately that is a rare occurance. I like your new site.

  2. Thanks, Jill. Read the next post. 🙁