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I guess Sharon Osbourne doesn’t particularly care for Hasselhoff’s opera singing. Now, having seen that video of the man singing in that Jekyll & Hyde musical … well … Osbourne actually does have my sympathy. (Although it was so darn campy I did wonder if it was deliberately wacky.)

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The National Symphony Orchestra has turned to the iPod to make classical music less stuffy to people more likely to rock ‘n’ roll.

… because anyone who is someone knows that an iPod is not stuffy and will unstuff anything that is stuffy.

Whew! Who knew the answer would be so simple?


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Skillful composers have long used silence to build a sense of anticipation. Some of music’s finest moments are spent in transition – waiting, in essence, for the other shoe to drop.


So not only is it important to rest my embouchure (Gee, I thought it was all about the oboist!), but the brain likes the silence too, eh?

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Well, for a while there my hits were getting higher and higher. I even began to think highly of myself.

Um. Okay. That didn’t really happen.

But I was on the rise. Not that I check numbers constantly. (Or do I?!)

While for a time I averaged over 200 hits a day, I’m moving down in the world. Today it’s down to 161.

Where have all my friends gone? Not that I have a fragile ego or anything.

Weep for me, please. I don’t really like to cry. 🙂

Okay, okay … I’m just being silly. I’m prone to silliness. Which is a fairly safe thing to be prone to, don’t you think?

In More Important News: My blog has gone up in value since I posted the earlier entry. Have a look-see:

My blog is worth $38,953.26.
How much is your blog worth?

Why do I feel no wealthier, I wonder?

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But exposing yourself to the arts in New York is pretty easy — you can’t swing a dead cat in Midtown without hitting an oboist or ballerina — and who knows, you might even enjoy it.

From Gridskipper (read here)

Must be a lot of oboists in Midtown these days, eh? But why would anyone enjoying hitting an oboist with a dead cat? Ouch!

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Well, Patricia Emerson Mitchell or Patty Mitchell or even “Hey You” will work, I think. But hey … send ’em now and send ’em to me! I have a PO Box so it’s nice and easy. Just check it out here!

Because, you see, I was just informed that this site is worth over $38,000!


I actually don’t make real money on this site. I know some folks have a little paypal thing where you can give money if you want, but that’s just not my style.

I have, however, been sent oboe reeds in the past. (Thanks!) And if anyone wants to come over and do my yard work I’d not refuse your offer. (I tell my students they may do my yard work any time they want but—can you believe it?—not even one student has shown up for anything other than a lesson. Amazing.)

Speaking of students, it’s nearly time to get to work. Guess I’d better leave. I’ll be checking that PO Box daily from here on out, though.

Or not.

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The symphony must be the world. It must embrace everything.

-Gustav Mahler