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Wow … Seattle Symphony has announced they will have four concertmasters.

Wonder how that will go? Seattle Symphony hasn’t been known as the happiest place on earth. (Speaking of which I sure wish I could go to the happiest place on earth sometime. Sigh. Yeah, I’m silly about D-Land. Are you disappointed in me?)

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So Nathan Gunn is not only a wonderful singer, and incredibly good looking (I’d use the word “hot” but I’m a married woman!) but he also appears to be a good dad.

I take one of my five kids with me on trips that aren’t too long during the season, and the whole family with me during the summer. I decided a long time ago to spend the money and lose the sleep in order to see them.

This is from an article written by Bryant Manning of Mysteries Abysmal.

When performing we must keep some distance between the material and our response it. You can’t dance (or play the oboe) if you’re really laughing or really crying. That’s left for the audience. We hope they do both . . .

-James Roe

I remember believing, in my very early days of this professional career (I began rather young; I was 17 when I joined the union and 18 when I began playing with San Jose Symphony (RIP)), that in order to really be into the music I had to show the anguish (should it be that sort of music) on my face and would even (how embarrassing to admit now) sometimes cry while playing. Our job is to relay what the music says, not fall into it ourselves.

My opinion, anyway.

You can read James Roe’s complete blog entry to see what I was reading.

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One-hit wonder who pulled Orff a miracle

I mean … this is pretty darn bad, don’tcha think? I’ve seen Bach used badly, as well as Handel. But this one? I think it wins a prize. (Read here.)

Whoever wrote that should really knock it orff.

Orff else.

(Why I don’t write headlines.)

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Sung in English, which may not please purists, but made the classic story more accessible, the music carried well on the still night air.

The writer is talking about La Bohème. Sigh. How can Bohème be any sort of problem? And really, English isn’t always that easy to understand when warbled sung anyway.

But oh well.

From another article I give you this quote:

You tend to forget how good opera is until you actually hear it

-Tony Zertuche

I liked that. 🙂 (Read here.)