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The trio is on tour in Greenland, where you don’t find cornfields — 80 percent of the land lies under ice — and where the local language, Inupik, doesn’t have a word for oboe. (The Inupik word for “bird song,” used to describe the flute, will have to suffice.)

I say call an oboe an oboe. Not that I’m opposed to “bird song” … except that describes a flute and what oboe wants to be described like a flute? I asked both of my oboes and they said, “No thanks.” I’ll bet yours will too. Or maybe your instrument(s) will say hautbois, hobo, hoboj, obo, or some such thing, eh?

I read about Trio La Milpa and their trip to Greenland after visiting this blog entry by Letter V.

I’d love to put together the Beethoven works for a recital. Doing so, though, takes time and work. So I’m just waiting for someone else to do the work and plan the times and then I’m there.


  1. Check out the Letter V blog from our post-tour Greenland concert.
    Beethoven-Trio, Op. 87
    Beethoven-Mozart Variations
    Koetsier-Bach Variations
    Triebensee-Haydn Variations
    Handel-G Minor Concerto (K. Needleman, arr.)
    Bartok-Nine Peasant Dances (D. Bussick, arr.)
    Greenland Whale Fisheries (Lisicky, arr.)
    Slane-Be Thou My Vision (Lisicky, arr.)
    Education Concert with Musikskolen Students
    Simple Gifts (arr, w/trio)
    Qaqqat akornani (arr, w/trio)

    8 concerts/5 days

  2. I approved the above comment, but I’m not sure of its purpose; I already had a link to the Letter V blog.

    Perhaps “AltoLFudge” can fill me in …? 🙂