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At least for me. (Be sure and turn the sound on.) Thanks Kelsey (PS Site update?), for sending me this link!

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I know, I know, I am not all that smarrt when it comes to jazz, as has been pointed out in the past. But still … I’d heard of opera. And rock opera. But not jazz opera.


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Knowing I’d be stuck in a hospital to get some immunizations, I decided to have all of my bloglinks up on the computer so I could read while I waited. (I’m not good at waiting, and I’m worse at getting shots, so you put the two together and I’m one unhappy camper!)

I’m so glad I prepared with my reading material … I’ve been waiting for over 30 minutes just to let someone stick a needle (or will it be needles? (Of course I couldn’t post this until I got back home. It was needles: Tdap, Hep A and Hep B. It was time to do this stuff … I work around too many kids and university students and I don’t want to get any of their bugs!)

In reading one blog, I started thinking, “Man, I wish I could write like that! It’s so artistic and beautiful. This blogger just has a way with words.”

But then I paused.

While it was lovely and moving and incredibly attractive writing, I just didn’t feel like I was meeting up with a real person. It seemed so carefully wrought, I suppose. And that seems … I dunno … unreal.

I’m guessing I actually was meeting the true person though.. I’m guessing that I just can’t connect because I write in my plain & simple style.

And it made me think. I’m “just me” and I write in “just me” style. I guess that’s okay.

I’m an expressive player. At least I think I am, and I’ve been told I am. And expression is, to me, of utmost importance in music. I’ve often wondered why I can’t write expressively. Believe me, I’ve tried. But when I made the attempt poetically it just came out as maudlin or silly or simply horrendous. I guess I’m just not a wonder with words.

I am envious of the Artistic Writing Style (AWS™), but I guess I’ll stick to plain old me.

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Read here:

Tickets to “A Tribute to Beverly Sills” will be free of charge and available at the Metropolitan Opera box office on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 12 noon on September 16 (limit two tickets per person). The program will be broadcast live on Metropolitan Opera Radio on Sirius, the 24-hour satellite radio channel, and streamed live via RealNetworks at www.metopera.org.

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Oops. I mean Boosey & Hawkes. So sorry.

Welcome to the world’s finest selection of classical music ringtones! From Bach, Brahms and Beethoven to American icon Aaron Copland to modern pioneers John Adams, Steve Reich and more, you’ll find an exceptional sound to match your exceptional phone.

Read about it.

I can hear it now … I’ll be on stage, about to play some Copland or Adams (if we ever program Adams) and all of the sudden some audience member’s phone will play the piece.

It could happen ….

I suppose Boosey & Hawkes just doesn’t make enough money renting out their music. This side business should really help them with financial difficulties.

Wonder what living composers think of this. (Would it be flattering or distressing to hear their “tune” ringing as they were out shopping for groceries?)