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… well, unless it’s in the score.

I really hate the whole light show thing. It seems so … I dunno … contrived? Or like a big production.

I guess I should lighten up. After all, opera requires lighting. Same with ballet. But for a symphony or chamber concert I just want the music to speak for itself. I feel as if the lighting is supposed to be telling me something. And I don’t think the composers want that. Or maybe they do?

As somebody who grew up playing in bands as well as playing classical music, I’ve always railed against the rather boring way in which classical music is presented,” Talbot says. “I had a long time to think about this when I played a concert of Mozart’s Idomineo once and my heart almost stopped from boredom and I nearly sank into a coma. I just thought, there’s got to be a way that you can present music in the concert hall in a way that can engage on something other than just a sonic level.

“It’s the most obvious thing in the world from playing in bands that people pay their money and expect some kind of light show and dialogue to go on between the audience and performers, and that it will be some kind of event that’ll take them out of their everyday lives, does something with their heads and takes them out the other side.


What do the composers who read this blog think? Would you mind if a light show was added to your work? Does it matter?

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