After our orchestra rehearsal and the two sitzprobes (we have two casts), we finally ran Lucia di Lammermoore tonight. I’m always anxious to run the opera straight through, and I actually enjoyed myself! I was still correcting problems in my part through the run, but I think I’ve got them all now. From what I can hear, the singers sound great. I sure wish I could see it. Rats.

Walking back to my car* it was clear that the night life in downtown San Jose is growing. I was surprised by the number of people who appeared to be going to a club as I was leaving for home.

*OSJ has provided us with parking but the walk is pretty darn far, so I’m searching for free parking before I go into the lot they have told us to use. (Not that that lot was even available tonight; I guess no one could even get in!) I often wonder why, when they remodeled the California, they didn’t think about performer’s parking. Sigh. Maybe I’m dreaming; maybe other opera companies don’t provide parking for their performers. Anyone out there want to fill me in?


  1. Did you use your own reed that we fixed up? And how come I’m not seeing any blog postings about the “amazing reeds” you’re producing now?

  2. I’m still going through a box of reeds I couldn’t figure out and getting THEM to work. I do need to make new reeds, but I wanted to start there, to see which ones I should trash (I need the staples!) and which have hope.

    I’ve also not been sleeping … until last night when I finally slept well! Lack of sleep does not a patient reed maker make!