We just finished our final dress rehearsal of Lucia. Now it’s on to the eight performances, which run through the next three weeks. I’d prefer the run to be more compact, but no one asked me.

I think the production is fairly good, but a bit on the draggy side. Music needs to move. It shouldn’t be stagnant. And I’m feeling some stagnant moments. I think some people mistake slowing down for expressiveness. To me it becomes rather muddy. Certainly there are times for a nice ritardando, but not all the time! Ah well. Again, no one asked me. (But then I’d even take the Star Spangled Banner faster than it went tonight. Maybe it’s just my problem …?)

I saw Mike after the show. (Hi Mike! Thanks for taking the time to yak with me!) It’s always fun to see someone I know after a performance. Somehow it makes the performance more meaningful … or something … I guess. 🙂


  1. Good to see you, too! The orchestra sounded great tonight.

    By the way, the oboist for Emma is Peter Lemberg.

  2. Ah Peter L! Wonderful guy … he played here last year when we need one more player.

    Hope you’ll be singing with us soon, Mike! Next opera?

  3. Well, the next opera doesn’t have a chorus (other than children) so that one’s a no go for me. But I’m scheduled for Rigoletto, so I should be back then. After chatting with Bruce O. last night, I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Ah yes … I had listened to Werther and didn’t think they had an adult chorus.

    I’m glad you’ll be doing Rigoletto!