21. October 2007 · Comments Off on But … I’m Asleep Then! · Categories: Links, Ramble

If I were running an orchestra, I’d hire an “artistic explorer” whose sole job would be to scour the world and our own region for opportunities to stretch the orchestra’s creative boundaries.

The orchestra would regularly have unrehearsed readings of new music, free to the public, at a decent hour — say, 11 p.m.


Um … that’s a decent hour?! Maybe for some. Not for me. And probably not for a lot of people who have children. So I’m guessing the author of this is young enough to not worry about sleep, or at least childless.

Or maybe I’m just old and cranky!

But sure, I’m willing to burn the white tie and tails. (I still prefer my black, though. It’s just too darn easy. Let’s just call it goth instead … or something.)

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