Heather wrote about Water Music … or at least that’s what I’m calling it. It’s so darn difficult to really put a list together … far too many things I could list. But here’s just a start to my list (not all about crying out of sadness, mind you). Some, I’m guessing, will surprise you. Some might disappoint you too. But here goes…:

Starting with a few “pop” tunes that will, I’m guessing, surprise most of you:
How Can I Tell You by Cat Stevens
The Color Green by Rich Mullins
Lullabye by Billy Joel
“Share the End” by Carly Simon (when she gets that grit in her voice and does this sort of anguished “scream thing” … sorry, I can’t describe it well … but it just gets me … kind of like the gritty tenor sax can get me sometimes

and moving on to the classical stuff, in no particular order …

Franz Biebl: Ave Maria
Knoxville: Summer of 1915 (Dawn Upshaw … especially the “One is my mother, who is good to me. One is my mother, who is good to me.” …)
Beethoven 9, Last movement (especially the moment beginning at 2:10)
Mahler 5, Adagietto
Ravel, Mother Goose Suite, last movement
5 Neruda Songs – #5 (of course with Lorraine Hunt Lieberson)
Mozart: “Soave il vento” from Cosi fan tutte
Mahler: Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen

Okay. Enough for now. Man … the last movement of Mother Goose Suite. And oh, the Mahler “Ich bin …” … well … if those don’t get to you I have this feeling we might not fully connect. So sorry.

And now the QueenOfEllipsis™ will take her leave … really. 😉

(Although I do have to add that I didn’t even touch on Sondheim. Sigh. He can get to me. Nearly any time.)

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  1. Oh wow, the Biebl Ave Maria… I haven’t heard that in ages. My men’s chorus in college used to perform it regularly. I sang in the semi-chorus (six of us, with roughly 40 singing the main chorus part), and it was one of my favorite pieces to perform, and pretty much always brought the house down. Just gorgeous.