26. October 2007 · Comments Off on Final Rehearsal … · Categories: Ramble

… and feeling unready.

The UCSC faculty recital is Sunday at 7:30. I never feel ready for these; I’m such a “team player” (not as in I get along well with folks, but that I like a big team!) and smaller groups just feel uncomfortable. I also would have loved more rehearsal time, but getting four of us together when we live hours apart is a real challenge. I also wish I was happier with my reeds. They feel fine. Until I play in the group. Go figure.

Really, that’s fairly typical for me. I don’t know if other oboists experience this problem or not. I must do something differently the minute I play with others. (I guess “Plays well with others” should be changed to “Plays differently with others” for yours truly.)

Ah well. It will be what it will be.

And I’m very, very tired.

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