06. November 2007 · Comments Off on It was a gas! · Categories: Ramble

Okay. Sorry. Bad joke. (You’ll understand in a minute.)

So … the question that goes with the answer you find in my subject header is, “How was the opera rehearsal?”


Well, after dealing with the new parking garage I have to deal with (hey, at least they still provide parking for us!), and hiking over to the hall, or as close to it as I could get, I was told I couldn’t enter the hall. Heck, I couldn’t even get to the stage door. The fireman said, “There’s a gas leak. Can’t you hear it? You can’t get close to it. There could be an explosion.” Okay, then. I don’t argue with explosion possibilities.

Well, no, not really. I mean … it was downtown San Jose. There was noise. Cars. People. I didn’t realize the loud hissing sound was gas. (And I’m still wondering if I really heard it or if I then imagined the sound since he suggested it.)

So the two women I was walking with and I headed down the street, and located our colleagues. And then we waited.

I think we got into the hall a half an hour late. And we still managed to touch on a lot of the opera. So far I don’t see much to worry about. But I know that can change. I often start out thinking, “Wow. Easy opera.” Only later do I change my mind. Usually when I have a bad reed. 😉

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