The Romanian-born soprano, called by FHM magazine “the 74th most beautiful woman in the world,” has been justly acclaimed in top opera houses for her voice and artistry. At the same time, her temper and that of her husband, the famed tenor Roberto Alagna, have generated headlines about “opera’s answer to Bonnie and Clyde.” (RTWT)

How funny. Ah to be 74th. In the world, too! (What is “FHM magazine?) I’ll be hearing her—if she shows up—at La Rondine sometime this month. I think I’ll make a pin that reads “#74” in her honor. Wouldn’t that be nice of me?

In other news … this non-numbered oboist is going to the first rehearsal of Werther today. It’s new to Opera San José which means we get one extra rehearsal (woo hoo!). And because it’s new I’m really looking forward to it. New stuff is fun. Even if it’s only new to us and not to the world. (It would be great, though, to do something totally new. Maybe someday.)


  1. FHM is “For Him Magazine”…why do I know this? It’s kind of like Maxim, trashy, slightly funny, but mainly sexist.

  2. Well, Jill, now I’m going to have this image of you reading “For Him Magazine”. Hmmm. Interesting. 😉