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On the San Franciso Opera’s production of Macbeth:

The central playing space — a big concrete cube where Macbeth and his wife light candles, make love and plan their murders — looks like a rent-by-the-month storage unit. There are military men in camouflage, and guys who are dressed like sanitary workers. Banquo’s assassins take a break from their bloody task to dress up as women in black skirts and wigs. The three witches of Shakespeare’s original are now a chorus of women wearing red. One of them twirls a hula hoop. One blows bubbles. They all seem to enjoy dancing. Someone carries a green typewriter across the stage and places it in a prominent spot, for no apparent reason. (RTWT*)

Hmm. Sorry I can’t attend this one, just to see all of this in person. I just have too much going on. (Okay, truth be told, I really wanted to hear Thomas Hampson, and that’s why I’m disappointed I can’t go.) But since the other operas I’ve seen had dead animals I was thinking perhaps that would the the year’s theme. Guess I was wrong.

And now I really, really want a green typewriter. 😉

*link no longer working

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