Teaching in my oboe studio at home when the temperature is 61 because the power went out is not a fun thing to do. Fortunately my students were okay with the freezing temp. I was not. And I didn’t even pull out my oboe because I didn’t want to get water in the keys and then deal with the consequences for the two Nutcracker shows today.


Power came on right about when I finished teaching. Go figure.


  1. Heeheehee, I wish 61 was the freezing temp here! For a lot of homes around here that is the normal temp because we hate paying so much for heating oil! Playing keeps me warmer, well, once the fingers unfreeze anyway. Come to think of it , it wasn’t even as warm on stage last night as usual either. No wonder the audience had their coats on…

  2. Wow … people play wood oboes in that kind of cold? Rather dangerous for cracking, isn’t it? Around here contracts won’t allow for lower than 65.

    My hands are back to being numb. Sigh. We keep a cold house and I huddle under blankets, but when students come we always have a warmer house.