We have been without electricity since 10:26 this morning. This does not make me a happy camper. I am, in fact, quite annoyed. I was at least prepared for it this time, though, as I had read that power was going off around the city and I just knew we were doomed. So oh well. I’m sitting at Panera, having an okay bowl of clam chowder and a cup of cofee. That’ll do. For a while. A short while. (I did call PG&E and they could only say they couldn’t say when our power would be restored. Grumble) Panera, is rather full for 3:37 in the afternoon. I’m guessing a lot of folks are here because of their power issues. Many are on their computers. Go figure. Sitting right next to me is what I am guessing is a home schooling family, considering the educational conversations that are going on. They have two computers running, and seem to be working quite a bit. Right now I’m hearing about math and Harry Potter (two different conversations). I’m happy to discuss Harry Potter, but I never enjoy discussing math. (Surprise, surprise!) Oh. Wait. I just heard the man say, “Define the Columbian Exchange.” I guess that’s not math, eh?

I need to print out my boarding pass. I can’t. I want to clean the house. I can’t see well enough in that dark place and the vacuum cleaner refuses to work without electricity. I would love to be home, and I’ll probably head back after checking to see if Dan’s flight is on time (he comes home from Seattle today). But I want my electricity!

As I commented here, I feel powerless.


  1. Jeannette Clemons

    Hope Dan got home ok; the winds were pretty bad…

    Well I have already discovered that I can play longtones in the Dark, but we get really really COLD here without power.

    I hope you guys are ok today (1/5/08)

  2. Forgot to tell you … yes, Dan got home safely!

    I’m now warm; covered in blankets. I’m trying hard not to turn our heat on, since our PG&E bill was over $300 this last time. Ouch!