08. January 2008 · Comments Off on Politics and the Arts · Categories: Links, Ramble

I don’t know who I will vote for yet, and when i do I’m not going to post that information here. i don’t talk politics.

Still, you might go over to Daily Observations and read what some presidential candidates say about the arts.

Of course what a politician says means very little to yours truly. I just don’t believe ’em. I figure they say what they think we want them to say.

Yeah, I’m that kind of person.

Off of that subject…
There’s this annoying Progresso soup ad where the women say they are on various soup diets. It’s all very silly. But what bugs me most is that they are all wearing black dresses. What do they think they are? Musicians? (Really, I’m so distracted by the black dresses … I’m goofy that way.)

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