08. January 2008 · Comments Off on Verbal Spanking · Categories: Ramble

I had blogged earlier about missing the deadline (by three days) for an excused absence for a kiddie concert. Turns out that the request has been approved, but not before I received a verbal spanking.

I take my work very seriously, and I’ve been at symphony work since 1974. This was the first time I ever submitted something late. I usually submit requests months in advance, to enable my replacement to be found early. I’ve never lied to get out of a job … not once … and I’ve moved up to principal when I’ve not been given enough notice and could have refused. Needless to say the spanking was disheartening to yours truly.

I will never again request something late. If I miss the deadline, I will not request the absence. But it also makes me think twice about submitting requests early; no one commends anyone for doing things early. We only get reprimanded for something late. Go figure.

It’s funny, in some ways (some sick ways?) to think about this job. The conductor is up there to tell me what to do, and I mainly hear from him or her when I am doing something wrong. (I’m like a little puppy dog when I do get a positive comment … I even feel as if my tail is wagging and I’ve been handed a treat.) I read reviews and, for the most part, only see the negative words or the lack of any comment whatsoever. (Seeing no comment when I have a major solo speaks volumes to this insecure person.)

Still, I love this job. Very much. This business isn’t full of kudos, but I’ll stick with it. 🙂

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