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Finally … a Montana resident has visiting oboeinsight. How ’bout that?

Now if only Delaware was more aware. Haven’t caught one of them. Yet. 🙂

Oh, and Wyoming too.

Where the heck are you two states? No oboes? Really?

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It’s Billy Joel with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Read about it here.

So let’s see …

  • Billy Joel
  • Paul McCartney
  • Elvis Costello
  • Sting
  • Deep Purple
  • Asian Dub Foundation

    … can you come up with more?

    And should we start a list of classical folks who have moved to pop?

    And maybe then start a good list and a bad list? (Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, imo.)

  • In addition to being an uncommonly taxing instrument, the oboe is a sensitive and somewhat unpredictable one as well. Notes must be humored and cajoled; the reed is delicate and must be just so; temperature and atmospheric conditions can produce unexpected and disastrous results. In short, the oboe is something of a tempermental prima donna, but an indispensible one in the orchestra.

    -“The Technique of Orchestration,” 6th ed., Kent Kennan and Donald Grantham

    Well, aside from the “tempermental prima donna” I think they are talking about the oboist too. 😉

    (Thanks for the info, Rachel!)