Someone in a discussion group was asking for a recording of the Hindemith Oboe Sonata.
Here’s a bit of the conversation (with a few things that might identify the people X’d out):

Person #1: Would somebody happen to have a recording of the Hindemith sonata for oboe an piano? I’m supposed to perform this piece in a few months and would like to hear it being played by someone else than my teacher :). Me being credit card-less and living in a smallish city in XX narrows down the alternatives. This Hindemith plays hard to get. So, I’d be very happy and also willing to fulfill requests of the same kind, if some beautiful soul were to upload this piece.

Person #2: I can upload a copy. Would you mind Xlocking this entry?

Person #1: Thanks :D!

Person #2: No problem, just don’t want the fact that I’m violating copyright made public. 😀 Here you go.
(link removed)
John Mack, oboe
Eunice Podis, piano

Someone is posting this and assuming it won’t be seen? Silly person. Google sent me the link. I just joined. Anyone can join. Anyone can read this person admitting to doing something that could get him/her in trouble.

No matter what any of us think about the whole copyright thing, admitting you are breaking a law online seems just a tad foolish to me.

Ya think?

So here’s a little reminder, once again: what you write online can be seen by a whole heck of a lot more folks than you might think. If you write something, just make the assumption it’s on a “worldwide billboard” … and you might reconsider what you post. (Believe me, I’ve had to remove some dumb things I’ve written!) And if you are going to break a law, you might reconsider admitting it in print!


  1. that’s funny, and timely for me. I just bought that CD a few weeks ago myself, for exactly the same reason. This must be the only recording that’s widely for sale. I’d like to have another with someone else playing, for comparison’s sake, if you know of anyone else who’s recorded it. And yes, I’d come by it legally! 🙂

  2. actually, mine was the Paladilhe, not Hindemith (I did the Hindemith last semester, so I confused myself). Coincidentally, my Paladilhe recording is also with John Mack and Eunice Podis – but it doesn’t have the Hindemith on it. Now I’ll have to hunt for that Hindemith CD…..

  3. I have a rather sub-standard recording of it via iTunes. The oboist doesn’t sound very good, and his rhythm is lacking. Other than that one I know of no other recordings. I have Mack recordings, but I didn’t know of that one.

    Ah-hah! I did just find another CD on with Sargous playing the oboe sonata AND the EH sonata.

    Guess I’ll be using up the remainder of this month’s downloads getting that CD!

    Link to CD

  4. yes, that’s the one I downloaded 3 months ago. I love! I just wish it was easier to find stuff on their site.

    Do you know of any other recordings of the Paladilhe beside John Mack’s?

  5. Forrests has one with John Anderson, if I’m looking at the right thing.


  6. that’s it all right! I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even think to look at double reed suppliers…. I figured if it didn’t turn up on Google it wasn’t out there. Lesson learned. Thanks!