Ah, the splendid and humble Diva!

”I am big,” she insists, dark eyes widening. “I am big!” At the age of 36, Anna Netrebko is certainly as substantial a star as any in the new operatic firmament.

Oh, but wait! … is she just talking about her physical size? Later she says,

“I love to eat. If you let me, I’ll never stop. This is almost my biggest passion. And here it’s big, and it’s getting bigger because of the singing.” She presses the heels of her palms into the lats under her armpits. “Because of the breaths. All my dresses are getting small for me. I have to give them to my girlfriends – my pretty designer clothes. Before, I didn’t have any problem. After thirtysomething, I started to put on weight. I like it. Men like it. My boyfriend says, ‘Never lose it!’ But we’ll see. I don’t want to be fat, because I want to fit the beautiful clothes. This is most important.”

Too funny. You have to read the whole article … she really does crack me up.

What is it about some of these opera stars? They say the funniest things. I guess it’s just because they can.

We oboists? Well, we only talk about reeds and oboes and that sort of thing. And there is no oboe work that calls for nudity. Whew.


  1. She may be big, but she certainly hides it well. Did you see her in Romeo and Juliette? Besides the first note she cracked, she sung gorgeously, and was as always amazingly stunning in appearance. I thought she broke up with her boyfriend though? Bah, I’m not one to meddle in opera gossip!

  2. Well, “big” is all a matter of opinion. Compared to my build, she looks small … but I’m overweight, so whatever! I think she sounds stunning.

    I’ll be hearing her at Traviata next year in San Francisco. Very cool! 🙂

    As to their private lives … I’m really not interested. I just love reading and hearing their interviews because they can say the funniest things.