04. February 2008 · Comments Off on They’re Allowed to Have Children? · Categories: Links, Ramble

Opera star Anna Netrebko is pregnant. She’s due in autumn.

Okay, okay, if this oboe player was allowed children I guess an opera star can have them too. I’ll let this one go.

But the big question is: how soon does an opera singer get back to work? Because Ms. Netrebko is supposed to sing La Traviata in June/July of 2009 (Yikes! I’m typing 2009 … can you believe it?). And I have tickets.

My guess is singers can go back to work as easily as oboe players, right? With our first I was back at rehearsals and performances in only three weeks. Yeah, I think it was too soon, but it was work and it’s not like I had the income to allow me to stay home. In this case we are talking Opera Star, with a capital O and S. An Opera Star probably has enough money to decide just how long to stay away. But of course she would also have the money to hire help. So I’m counting on seeing and hearing the woman. I hope she gets that message.

Always obey the oboe player. It’s a hard and fast rule. 😉

As an aside — it is very windy here, and so cold my hands are numb. Gotta go get my wrist warmers! (Thanks again, Janet!)

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